Friday, January 12, 2007

Why do I grow vegetables indoors?

I have a feeling you're asking that question, my dear reader. Why do I grow vegetables in plastic boxes and buckets indoors when there's alottment gardening available? Oh, and it's possible to buy an entire house to work with a real garden.

Well, the first reason for my choice is that I hate weeding. My parents used to rent an alottment garden where the soil were 100% clay. Clay is fertile, sticks to everything and does not give away anything unless you use brute force. Now, go figure how it is to drag up dandylionroots from that...

The second reason is that I'm fond of salad in a bag - just rip the bag open and pour into a bowl. We spent the summer of 2006 in Antwerpen, and the big market chain there (Delhaize) managed to serve its customers crisp and fresh salads. Then I returned to Sweden and realised what I already knew. Swedish salad in a bag is always a bit fermented and sprinkled with that dark green goo that used to be leaves.

But the main reason is that I'm fascinated by the thought of growing things in barren places. The thought of growing food in deserts, on windswept islands and on spaceships wakes the inventor within me. And the inside of a concrete house is one of the most barren places I can think about; dry air, no soil whatsoever and little sun. That's why I'm building my gardening pots out of plastic boxes, and dream about traveling to the stars.

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