Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Then what?

As you may see I've been absent from this blog a couple of days. I've come to a "then what?" stand still. My little salad gardens are growing great, and I'll probably be able to harvest from them in about a week or so. What I could do is to finally set those sprouts I talked about a few days ago.


...I suffer from gout. In other words: my kidneys can't take everything anymore, and when they can't take it they release an acid containing of needle shaped crystals into my blood. Those crystals do first settle into my left 'big toe', and then they amass in my fingerjoints. Imagine typing and for every painful hit you know that your cartilege is ripped by needles, cartilege that you absolutely need for keeping your fingers movable and that your body can't rebuild. I do a lot to avoid a gout attack.

Gout is something you get if you are fat, likes pastries and drinks alcohol. I happen to be a teetotaller, but being slightly fat and with a liking to good food applies to me. The interesting thing is that I can eat as much fat and sugary food as I like, as long as I don't eat podded fruit. All my attacks have been triggered by pods; lentils, beans and the last one was triggered by alfalfasprouts. Alfalfa is a podded fruit too, and even if I was naive enough to think that sprouts wasn't as "strong" as pods my body knew better. I got a low intensity attack that lasted for a week. A week without blogging! I'm that kind of person who lives via the net, and keep at least three live blogs.

Alfalfa is the only sprout seed I keep at home at the moment, the bag stands in my kitchen looking inocent. I guess I'll set some only if we are expecting a lot of guests. Meanwhile I could set some sunflower sprouts. Hmmm, I wonder if Impecta sells those seeds in economy packs....?

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