Monday, January 08, 2007

Indoor gardening on teh interweb - two tidbits

Blogger was totally locked up when I tried to blog yesterday. Perhaps a good thing. I hadn't looked for my old seed cases, so there wasn't much to report. True, I still haven't looked for anything, but I can see a case of cress looking at me from a shelf covered with cardboardboxes as I write this.

What I did do yesterday was to surf the web for articles and link collections. Indoor gardening is completely unknown in Sweden - except for the traditional potted plants that are grown for amusement and not for food. In England and the USA on the other hand there are enough insane people (I count myslef to that category - we have fun ;-) ) to put up a few webpages and sites on the topic.

Water Gardens and Hanging Plants for the Indoors
This was my first favourite. A collection of short and instructive articles on container gardening - both traditional and food. No pictures unfortunately.


The authority in this article seems to be one of those organical food fanciers, but it is a good one and offers a lot of food (heh) for thought.

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