Thursday, January 18, 2007

Oboy, oboy, oboy!

My seeds from Impecta has arrived. Impecta (link in swedish - sorry, no english version) is pure gold, but why do I always fall for such fishy plants? This time I really made an effort, and still icicle plant, tiger nut and purslane turned up in the batch. What on earth do you do with purslane anyway? I amused myself with looking them up in Wikipedia (in swedish) and half of the plants wasn't even there. But I did find carrot. Carrots are reliable.

Tomorrow and on Saturday I'll be out at Sigtunastiftelsen discussing the roles of religion in peace and conflict, which means I can't play with my seeds for two days. I do hope to be able to make some more self watering containers tonight, and perhaps describe the procedure in a bonus entry. Untill then you may enjoy a picture I took a couple of days ago. It's an gigantic self watering box with winterridden strawberries. A proof that I do gardening outside too - on my balcony.

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