Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The perfect plan (?)

Being a mother, especially to a toddler, means that you don't have as much time as you used to. By all means; my little one spends his time at daycare, but he quits in the middle of the afternoon, and we are supposed to spend the rest of it together. Today I realised that it is possible to dig dirt and wield containers while the toddler is awake. He may even think it's fun. And suddenly I had lots of time tending to my indoor garden.


Tomorrow I'll introduce him to the joys of drilling holes in yogurt buckets and fill them with leca, tulle and soil. As a second thought, perhaps I should wait with the vacuuming of the flat until afterwords...

I did a quick search for seeds and found my purchases from spring 2006 in a box. There were

  • Garden nasturtium
  • Perennial wallrocket
  • Salad Leaves (from Thompson & Morgan)
  • Baby leaf blandning ("Baby leaf mix")

Apparently I've planned this for a while without managing to cut the mustard. Hm. Time flies while you are distracted by other things.

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